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Also known as the GS70 Stealth, this 17" gaming laptop was released in summer 2013 by Micro-Star International. Identified by the model number MS-1772.

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Random black screen, fixed by hibernating, happens randomly


I've been experiencing a problem where my laptop screen will randomly go black while I'm working, even though the machine is still running.

If I put the laptop into hibernate and wake it up again, it fixes the screen problem.

I am wondering if anyone knows what the problem could be.

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The battery settings are set to never turn off the screen, rather than a delay. It's happened 3 times, and I was doing something different each time, so there was no real common denominator.


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This sounds like a time out problem. Check the power settings for the display, see how long the screen is set to be on before turning it off for power saving. Also check the battery settings, the display could be set to turn off if the battery falls below a certain level.

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My MSI does the same thing. It’s set to never turn off even on battery. I feel like it’s either, 1. A strange protection to overheating (maybe the gpu) or 2. A problem with the gpu (like connectivity)

I have a huge project due. So this is very annoying.


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