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Replacement for heating element?

Where can I find a heating element replacement part for Oster toastermodel 6309 (copper color)? I know the toaster is still made in other colors, but I want to keep the copper color.

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BzyFinch check your heating element with a multimeter first. Check to see if it shows continuity. It is possible that your heating element is still okay but your control panel not. You need to ensure that the relay that turns the elements on/off is working properly and check the thermostat as well.

Replacement parts seem to be tough to find, check places like ebay or craigslist (depending on where you live) and possibly purchase a toaster that is broken other than the parts you'll need. Use that as your donor unit.

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Thank you for your answer. The element still works, however doesn't have even heating across it. It has some hotter spots and some cooler spots resulting in uneven toasted bread. Everything else seems to be working fine. This is the main reason I was only looking to replace the heating elements.


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