My camera cannot work?


please support as my camera cannot start ,however the battery is live.

when i click on ON switch, there are 2 LEDs only are flashing (red & yellow) and there is no something appeared on the screen.

Thanks in advance

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Have you fully charged the battery?


@vulkus OP states "battery is live" So it is charged.


Not necessarily, live and a light coming on doesn't mean it is charged. The red light is possibly the battery low light. Also instead of commenting on my post, how about you make a helpful one of your own?


@vulkus, easy now. We are all simply trying to help OP.

@aboelyosr are you using Alkaline or the Rechargeable MH-71 batteries? You do say they are live, but fluttering yellow light means the batteries aren't charged fully. Have you tried a different set of Alkaline or rechargeable batteries?



Note that I used another new battery , unfortunately the problem is still exist.

please advise



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