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Wi-Fi only version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1566.

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Mi touch screen is not responding after install the new iOS 11.2

I have a problem with my touch screen after upgrade the last iOs 11.2, I tried to restore in secure mode, reinstalling the iOS, downgrade the iOS, Maybe I need to buy a new touch screen but i want to ask you guys if you maybe have a solution for this problem. My iPad is an iPad Air 2, model A1566

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Did you only perform an iOS upgrade or did you do a screen repair at the same time?

If you did a screen repair, then you may just have a defective screen or did something wrong during re-assembly.

If you did not replace the screen and can confirm that it worked properly prior to your update, then try to do a full DFU Restore (this will wipe the device) or try installing the latest iOS Beta version (11.2.5) to see if that helps.

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Hi Minho, I only upgrade the iPad from itunes, I never did the screen repair, the iPad was usefully the past week.

I tried to do the DFU restore too, the result is the same like in the video. I'm gonna install the beta version, thanks for you quickly response.


Nope, the same result, The firmware was installed OK but the touchscreen keeps with not response :(


It is possible that the screen died coincidentally. Or perhaps the connectors inside are partially dislodged following a drop or impact. Unfortunately, the Air 2 screens are hard to find and insanely expensive right now making it hard to troubleshoot yourself. If you have access to a local shop that has a screen in stock, they could try replacing it to see if that solves the problem or not.


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