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Small media streaming device that plugs directly into your TV's HDMI port. Originally released by Amazon in November 2014. The latest version comes with a voice-activated remote.

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My Amazon TV Firestick won’t turn on an Element TV

I brought my Amazon Firestick to my boyfriend’s house and plugged it into his tv. It won’t turn on at all. I’ve tried both HDMI ports, I’ve tried unplugging it and letting it “boot up”, I’ve tried turning off the tv, I’ve tried changing the batteries in the remote, I’ve tried “resetting” it and nothing is helping. It’s still plugged into the external power source. The screen just says no signal and stays blue. Nothing is popping up. What am I supposed to do?

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Go to your TV settings and turn on the HDMI port. Also older models may not be HDCP compliant, like the Element TV (circa 2010?). In that case you'll need an HDMI splitter like View HD VHD-1x2MN3D. It will strip the HDCP copyright coding from the stream allowing it to show on that TV.

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Can u show me what one looked like


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