Why is my phone function hinky?

My iPhone 6plus was purchased over a year ago. When first getting the phone everything was well functioning. Then my iPhone had fallen multiple times cracking the screen more and more. Soon the screens visibility became unclear but the phone still functioned. Later on I was able to take it in to a repair shop owned by a third party and they replaced my screen. Upon the use of my fixed phone it became aware that the camera front face no longer works. The phones main speaker disfuctional leaving me to carry out conversations on speaker phone or headphones. The phones touch sensor for the screen has become half unresponsive when typing and highly sensitive when scrolling. The phone has even come to the point of countless freezing when using apps or just clicking the sleep button and clicking it back on. I was wondering if someone has had these problems with a device that has not been dropped or broken. If so please reply back so that I can determine if it these problems do originate from the cracking of my screen or if it is just the device becoming responsive due to newer models being released,

Thank you

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