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Unveiled at the 1290 New York International Auto Show in 2004, the Xterra was redesigned for 2005 on the Nissan F-Alpha platform used by the Frontier, entering showrooms April 2004 for the 2005 model year.

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No Acceleratror pedal control

I got a code p2122, accelerator control sensor on my 2005 Nissan x trail. I have changed the pedal control sensor and the fuel control on the intake and checked the connectivity of all 6 wires from the pedal to the control body and all seems to be fine. I still have engine light on with code p2122 and no response to the pedal still. Where should i go searching now?

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I now have this problem also. I have replaced the throttle body and the pedal sensor and still the gas pedal does not work. Have you finaly solved the problem and what was the repair if so? Thank you.


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It is possible it could be a bad throttle body module. The code that you got basically means that the PCM is seeing low voltage (below .17) on the throttle position sensor circuit. Usually this is a pedal but it's possible to be the throttle position sensor or the actuator motor. Both of which are serviced in the throttle body. The throttle body is available on the aftermarket if you don't want to go factory.

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