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The Samsung Galaxy S II is a smartphone designed, developed, and marketed by Samsung Electronics with Android 2.3 "Gingerbread."

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looking for a tech who can repair the samsung 2s hard drive connection

need to find a tech who can repair the samsung 2s hard drive connection inside the phone so that the battery will charge to be able to access the phone OR a tech who can access the HD to get the data off the hard drive that need to be transferred to another device. A basic repair shop said they do not do HD repairs.

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I appreciate the replies I received so far. Yes it'll be some kind of a text shop to be able to do this. And the battery which is okay it was not a problem with it will not turn the phone on will charge so somewhere between the IC motherboard and charging situation is a problem I don't know where it is I don't have the equipment to diagnosis and fix the issues and I'm out in California and would love to have someone close. Thank you all again for your replies. , I found Ifixit at CNET at the live broadcast for 2018. I'm glad they were there.


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@bluequill3 your phone does not have a HD. All files are stored on memory IC's on the motherboard. Unless you can get your phone to power up there is no way to get the files off it. You mentioned to get your battery to charge, so I surmise your phone does not have any power. Start with a new battery and work your way forward from there.

Update (01/20/2018)

follow the troubleshooting flowchart for the no-power situation

Block Image

Block Image

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The phone had a new battery. Phone tech person fixed the connection where the charger plugs in. So if the information is actually on the motherboard that I need somebody who can access the motherboard or somebody who can look at the connections.... and figure out how to get it to to charge.... acts like it's trying to charge but it won't charge more than just a little bit.... then it won't turn on so... a couple of things with the charging and with the turning on. Can you help?


A new battery should have enough residual power to turn your phone on. This does not sound like a battery/charging issue. There are places that have the right equipment to possibly access your memory most DIY'er do not because of the cost of those readers.


7 p.m. 1/20 phone does not turn on. Maybe you should connection to the board inside of it and the battery I don't know they fixed the outlet thing where you plug in the mini USB it was repaired it try to charge you can see the indicator come up on the screen and then it totally disappeared and the phone will not turn on no matter what they do any other suggestions please? I really need to get it up and running to get the data off the phone can somebody help me... it decided to go dead before I could finish that part of the process because I already had a problem connecting it to a PC.


so did you check the components as pointed out.


1.20 18 I've just received the message about the new battery.

had a phone shop that does phone repairs check out the phone and tell me that they could not get the phone to turn on after they could see that I had a brand new battery with a charge on it and the battery in it did not work.

And the battery in it could be powered up because the phone couldn't be turned on the Power It Up. The other gentleman spoke of a gadget s ..describe it that I need to try to find. Preferably I'd like to find a business that repairs cell phones.. Android in the East Bay Area.

I had already replaced the battery with a brand new one... that was charged ready to go and it not turn on.... so I will show this technical diagram which I do appreciate to a technician in a battery place of repair place to see if they fix... San Francisco Bay Area preferably East Bay .......

Walnut Creek Pleasant Hill Alamo a place the name of a business that repairs cell phones be appreciated and I'll be happy to get this information to them.


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I have a mains adaptor that you put the battery in to charge. I use two batteries, charge one and use the other ( I had an sII with the non charging issue). If you do a search for the battery model number you may be able to get a plug that can charge it directly, I got mine on Amazon- though I am in the UK and it was a few years ago now!

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