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Is there a bluetooth head set for 2 iPhones

I have to carry my work cell IPhone 5S and personal cell I phone 7. I am looking for one head set that could pair to both so I can answer which ever is ringing. I understand I will not be able to talk on both phones at the same time with one head set. I am trying to find something so I don't have to keep switching headsets or ear piece for whichever phone I am using.

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According to www.mobilefun.co.uk (link to article here), "Multipoint is a (relatively) new development in Bluetooth technology that allows your Bluetooth Headset to be connected to two Bluetooth devices at the same time".

It allows for a headset to connect to multiple phones and, if a call comes in on one phone, automatically connect to the phone that is being called, allowing you to be able to use your headset to call the person, truly hands-free. The article/blog also comes with info and links to multipoint-compatible headsets, but these come from 2008 and prior.

Here is a link with more info about multipoint bluetooth, as well as more recent headsets that support it.

Multipoint Bluetooth - Phiaton

Hope this helps!

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