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The Razer Blade Stealth are a line of premium Ultrabooks by Razer. The latest model is the Razer Blade Stealth (2019)

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Touchpad not Working at all! Please help!

My Razer blade's touchpad one day decided to stop working and it has not been working for few months. I have updated all the drivers I could update, but it still is not even working. In the devices tab on windows it says it is working but the touch pad does not do anything (Even when the pointer is visible). Could it be mechanial or technical faluire? and if so please explain how to fix. Thanks :)

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IF your settings are all set up to have touch function working, i would then try to do a full reset of the device in the repair menu.

if that doesnt work, then you are looking at either a digitizer fail, which would need to be replaced. or a touch control Circuit failure, which is a board level issue.

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@Scott I think he means the trackpad, not the touchscreen, in which case he should only look in Windows under settings if it turned off by mistake or if he accidentally hit the Fn+F(x) combination on the keyboard and turned it off that way.


@alexniculescu That is true. if the trackpad is failing, then my answer stands firm, as the track pad still uses a digitizer to function. HOWEVER, when purchasing components, you will want to search for the trackpad itself, rather than the item named Digitizer, as trackpad doesnt seperate to replace just the digi panel.

but like my answer states. ensure all of your settings are correct prior to any repairs.


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Razer keyboard, trackpad buttons, touchscreen are on the USB bus. Their power is controlled by USB hubs.

The trackpad itself is not. Its power is controlled by ACPI, that is a black magick of chipset, BIOS tables, and OS drivers. There are glitches in ACPI subsystem, newer Linux kernel knows how to handle them. If not, you can give it a hint.

Try a live Linux to make sure your hardware is [most likely] OK.

Just download, say, Ubuntu, make a USB stick and boot from it. You do not need to install it, it works right out of the stick.

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I’ve actually had a similar problem but the ribbon cable to the touchpad was fried. Bad fold smashed under the battery against a conductive surface. Wore it down, shorted. Looked like it was quite a flare up.

Block Image

Now if I can just find a replacement…

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