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Recent app button lags

Once I have closed an app, I want to remove it from the recent app section, but when i press the (square) button a message ‘your recent apps appear here’ comes up. the app is still running in the background and that’s why when i press it to reopen it, it takes me to where i previously left it. i’ve searched for any possible solution and way to fix this but nothing’s been working. please, it’d mean the world.

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@laotzu ty for the quick reply, however, the problem is that my apps are just all of a sudden disappeared. there is no just one app, it refers to all of them so how can i bring them back to the recent app section(?)


Ok. My mistake. I think i misunderstood your problem. Fisrt let me clarify that when you press the square, you get the standard your recent apps appear here message. And even after you have opened an app, and returned to the home screen, nothing appears on the recent app screen when you press the square. Is this the issue?


@laotzu exactly


Sorry it has taken so long for this reply. I've been trying to replicate your problem. Since I've been unable to, I turned to some fellow techs. Only one has ever seen this issue. He tells me his remedy was to do a factory reset. Hope this helps.


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When you press the square button to bring up your recent apps, there will be an "X" in the top right corner of the app header. When you press the "X", the app is closed and removed from the recent app section.

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