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Model A1311 / Mid 2010 / 3.06 & 3.2 GHz Core i3 or 3.6 GHz Core i5 Processor

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How to detach LCD thermal sensor cable?

I’m dismantling my 21.5” iMac EMC 2389, to replace the hard drive.

I have been unable to detach the LCD thermal sensor cable from its socket, it’s nowhere near as easy as it appears on the IFIXIT video and there is no mention in the notes about it being very difficult.

Is there a trick or something I am missing?

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Its a snap fit but as the system ages the plastic looses some of its flex so they do get thougher to disconnect.

You'll likely need a couple of these: Spudger then carefully pry from each side equal pressure. Don't lift up! You want the pressure the go in parallel with the logic board.

Spudger Изображение




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Many thanks Dan. "Spudgers" are the go ... although locally (Adelaide, South Australia) they didn't know the term, and the packaging describes them as a "Plastic prying tool". Ended up buying an "iPHONE REPAIR KIT".


yes, very difficult to detach the connector. I pulled on the wires and the wires came out of the connector, damaging the cable. I noticed the other end of the cable is just adhesive to the LCD screen. So, it easier to just detach the adhesive end of the cable from the LCD screen.


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Sounds good but how do you plug it in on a pre owned imac that someone obviously had trouble removing it before?

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Post a couple of pics so we can see what you are facing Adding images to an existing answer


OMG! I was looking as to how it's attached to the lcd on an old screen. I thought i could just unglue (if thats a word?) it, then reattach it after i plug in the other end. Thought it might damage the sensor. Thanks for the answer. Going to try it right now. Lynn


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