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Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Keys F1,1,Q,A,Z,Backspace,F12 don't work


First let me say that the keyboard is not wet.

Since a lot of months ago, these keys don't work when I'm using the battery (with or without the battery charger connected), but if I remove the battery and use the computer connected to the charger, all the keys work fine.

The "big" problem is that since yesterday these keys no longer work with or without the battery.

I opened the computer and checked that the keyboard is correctly connected to the motherboard, and the cable connection below the trackpad seems to be fine.

The really strange thing is that until now the keyboard worked fine without battery.

My upper case model is the one with silver cable.

Please, can anyone tell me something to do in order of trying to repair the keyboard without having to buy a new one?


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Hi Wizbang and lemerise.

Yesterday morning, the keyboard began to work again without the battery, but still didn't work with the battery. I tried a external keyboard and it works fine.

But I finally found the problem: the keyboard cable or connector behind the battery

Block Image


The moment you touch the cover, the keyboard stop working, so, when I'm using the battery, it press the cover and the keyboard doesn't work.

I'll buy a new cable to replace it.

Thanks for your answers!

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Nice find, you should not accept your answer since the problem is resolved.


Sorry, I made a typo "You should now accept your answer"... Maybe one day we'll be able to edit the comments here.


You can edit--but only for a few minutes and then you are locked out. +


Check to see if your battery is swollen.


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Inspect carefully your battery and check if it is bulged. Sometimes a battery can show physical deformation and when installed in the macbook will cause too much pressure on the top case. The pressure can affect the track pad and the keyboard.

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So, I have the same problem but notice it is most likely when the entire unit feels hot to me. The fan does not seem to come on, yet Tech Tool says it checks fine.

I had an $800 "repair" for the problem which the Mac tech claimed was caused by liquid having entered the computer, despite its never having been spilled upon. Almost immediately the problem resumed.


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I have replaced my macbook pro 13" 2014 battery but now have lost some keyboard functions such as 1qaz backspace dim brightness and volume down. I have run all the tests ATH SMC apple diagnostics and nothing has helped.

I even downloaded this remapping programme. When i look at the keyboard input on systems preference i can see that these buttons when i click them do not show up on the input keyboard. This cannot be an issue with the keyboard ribbon cable as i have gone back to it and reattached it but nothing has worked. Currently using an external keyboard and dont have the money to go get it professionally repaired.

Any ideas what to do? Should i get a new ribbons cable doubt it shall help but maybe something has been damaged as the whole row 1qaz is not functioning.

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