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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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Does this logic board need replacement?

This is my first post here. I've so far used the guides and found them incredibly useful! But I've stumbled onto something that I need a bit more help with.

I've got a white plastic unibody that is no more than 1.5yr old at this point. It used to work fine until my brother's daughter tried to see if the keyboard liked lemonade ....

Apple repair immediately said the logic board needed to be replaced, which would cost as much as a new machine. Now that the insurance paid for a new machine, I thought I'd give it a go and see if I could revive this machine.

When I connected the power adapter to the machine, the led on the adaptor connector lit up, apparently indicating it was drawing power. When I hit the power button, there was a brief attempt to start (though it got no where near anything spinning up), but then the entire machine shut down.

Following the guides here, I've opened up the machine and the damage doesn't look dramatic at all. I've now removed the logic board, which seems ok, except for one spot. Right next to both the CPU and the GPU, there is a slightly larger black chip, next to which there is some bright green goo that appears to cover contacts and so on. The color is like that of corroded copper.

Could this be an indication that the logic board __does need to be replaced? If not (yet), what would be a quick way to test ?



PS if necessary, I could provide a photo of the corner of the logicboard.

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It's been a while since I updated on this little project. Here's where this stands now:

@ rj713: Thorough cleaning did not help.

Was a good exercise, though :)

Had it checked by local tech center and received the machine back today. They say only the logic board is gone, everything else still works.

So next step is to find a replacement logic board. Am looking for someone reputable, who also can ship to Europe and preferably has experience with this. :)

All suggestions are welcome :)


Found a refurbished logic board in the UK ( - reliable reseller! prompt and correct, quick delivery. recommended).

Followed the logic board replacement guide here and the machine is now working :)

Thanks all!


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Hi, Its too soon to give up on the logic board. I am including a link to a previous answer on spills. While you have it apart clean thoroughly (I would use rdklinc's guide) and let dry completely. The reassemble and try again. Working against you is your waiting so long to start this procedure but you may get lucky--good luck.

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rj713, thanks for your comments.

I've followed the instructions you linked to. Took the entire machine apart, cleaned the components and put it back together again.

When then I first connected the power supply to the machine, the LED on the connector lit up for a very brief instant and went off again. The entire machine remains dead - it does not react at all.

What's the best way forward from here?

Thanks again.


I think at this point you may need the logic board but see if you can find a knowledgeable friend to look at your machine as a second opinion.

If possible you might consider mactech plus's suggestion.


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I know apple loves the cost of their repairs. I use DT&T services out of california for logic board and the like. They show that machine will run $325 installed by them for the logic board and if you need a replacement keyboard it is an extra $95 installed at same time. That is after they check it out and make sure of what you really need. Give them a look:

If you want to do the work yourself it will most likely cost a little less overall. I have used them for a couple of years now and haven't sent anything back.

I have a MBP 13" that came in and had beer spilled on it and the computer comes up but the chip on the bottom of the board for the charging is fried ( almost blew apart ) and the computer doesn't accept keyboard entries, from attached keyboard or one attached via USB. I will be getting the replacement keyboard and logic board from these folks once I get the bucks. They have always done me right.

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+ the only problem the poster may have with this is his location ;-)


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