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The first FWD car to be exported to North America by Volvo

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Not Getting Fuel to Cylinders HELP!

So I'm trying to fix up a 1993 Volvo 850. It wasn't starting and I was doing several things to figure out why. I tested spark and I'm fine in that aspect. I decided next to check to see if fuel was reaching my engine. I heard the hum of my fuel pump and also checked the fuel pressure by sticking something into the valve after I tried cranking it. Fuel shot out of the valve so I'm confident I have fuel pressure. Next I took out the spark plugs to see if fuel was actually reaching the cylinders. However, when my friend started cranking I didn't see any sign of fuel entering any of the pistons. I was told I would be able to see the fuel shooting inside. Is that true? If so, what do you think the problem is, are my fuel injectors bad? If anybody knows any other problems that could be the case PLEASE let me know. This is driving me crazy.

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Hi Alex,

How long has the car been sitting since the last time it ran? You could have clogged injectors. If you aren't seeing fuel in the cylinders, try removing the intake and have your friend crank it while you spray a little starting fluid into the intake repeatedly to keep it running. See if you can get it to run for a bit that way.

- Jasen

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It's been several months since it last started. Thanks, I'll give it a shot


Good luck! Hopefully it'll run on starting fluid. If it does, start narrowing down clogged injector lines and what not.


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@ahughes05 just like the ignition system, your Volvo stores fault codes off the fuel system and can be displayed by activating the on-board diagnostic unit. It works the same way as the ignition system. Anyhow, this could be an issue with your ECU since that is what controls the injectors etc.. Let us know what you get when you try what @vehiclefreak409 suggest since that will help with further troubleshooting as well. Here are parts of the manual that deal with the fuel system as well as the on-board diagnostics. Volvo-850-Fuel.pdfArticle PrintArticle Print

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A Noid Light is a good cheap way to find out if you have an injector problem or an electronic problem. Unplug the harness from any injector, plug in the appropriate noid light and crank the engine. If the light flashes, you know the computer is driving the injector and you can focus on injector/fuel supply issues; if no flash you focus on the computer and the handful of sensors it needs to derive injector pulsewidth.

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