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Old Battery Disposal after replacement?

over the years, I've bought several parts from iFix it but never had to buy a battery from them. With all of the battery replacement happening now with the iPhones, I was wondering if they have any recommendations for disposal of the battery that is being pulled out. Do they mention anything about the post replacement? Maybe I missed it.

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Thank you both. Great resources.

I was more looking to help create a resource for those interested in replacing their batteries since i have not see this question asked or anywhere on the ifixit website. I think as part of providing information on the repairs, they/we should also provided information about the post repair phase, especially about proper disposal of parts.


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Thanks for your question and interest in being responsible for your old batteries! iFixit prefers that our customers take their old batteries to their local battery recycling facility for proper dispoal. You can find one by doing a quick internet search for "battery recycling facility" and including your zip/postal code or city name in the search.

Alternatively, there is a handy website that we recommend folks use to find a battery drop-off location if you live far away from an actual recycling facility. Check out http://call2recycle.org and plug in your zip/postal code. This will show you all of the registered drop-off locations near you.

Whatever you choose to do, we sincerely hope that you do not dispose of your old batteries in the trash. We try to do our part to keep electronics, especially batteries, from being added to the landfills across the planet.

I hope this helps!

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You neighbourhood hardware store probably has a battery recycling program. If you suspect that your battery is dangerous (i.e. the shell is pierced), then contact your city to see if they have any programs in place to recover dangerous goods.

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In order not to face any problem with the batteries off guard I ordered one additional which I always carry. I found a decent marketplace, checked my postal code here, and then ordered. Having an additional battery won't hurt after all.

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