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Third generation of iPad with Wi-Fi, released on March 16, 2012. Model Number A1416. Repair requires heating and careful prying.

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Find a part - what is this piece I’m missing from my iPad?

Hi there,

I’ve opened up an iPad 3 to fix it and unfortunately I’ve been stupid and removed a potentially important part. It was stuck down inside the rear housing. It connected with the LCD ribbon I believe, and I rubbed it off thinking it was a piece of sticky glue left in there. The LCD now doesn’t work (I’ve attached it correctly to the motherboard). The piece I removed must have been an inch and a half long, black and connected to the interior of the housing, on the left hand side looking down on it, about halfway down the side. If anyone knows what this is, it’d be much appreciated if you could let me know so I could replace it! Thank you.

Update (02/12/2018)

Block Image

this is the missing part

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Can you post a picture of the area where the part is missing?


Is it the adhesive strips? They hold the thing together, but shouldn't affect the screen function.

iPad 3 Wi-Fi Adhesive Strips Replacement


Please post a picture


@refectio I ain't got an idea what it is.


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Your LCD may be damaged, or the backlight fuse may have went. the battery was not disconnected during your repair.

Another possibility is the battery is completely dead and won't show any signs of life.

The tape is to hold the cables in place and has no bearing on the workings of the device.

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Hello, you can find it here on iFixit, here is full disassembly manual with pictures - iPad 3 4G Teardown

Difference between your picture and picture from this manual is only adhesive strip, look -

Block Image

Block Image

It used for hold flex cables in place, just replace it with any other same size dual-side adhesive strip.

Block Image

Wish you good luck!

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