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The HP Pavilion 15.6” inch screen laptop with clear audio, a powerful 5th generation Intel Core processor and a sleek, stylish design. This laptop is exceptional for web browsing, word processing, and other simple programs. It is identified by the following model number: 15-ab165us.

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Cant connect to some wifi

My hp pavillion 15-cc1xx which was not listed on the select device menu will not vonnect to some networks. It works fine at my home network, but just says no internet, connected when i connect to my school WiFi. The schools WiFi worked perfectly fine 2 weeks ago but now refuses to work.

I do not use Ethernet at home and can't at school and the windows diagnostic hasn't helped.

If anyone has any suggestions id love yo hear them.

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Hello, it can be software or hardware problem. Use any bootable OS from FlashDrive and try WiFi connection, if it works, then try to update drivers on your original OS. In some cases it may need to reinstall OS. IF it hardware problem - replace WiFi card. Looks like it due to WiFi frequency. Hope driver update will help you! You can find correct drivers for update using original manufacturer(of WiFi card, not laptop) website, or from HP website, maybe OS can update driver correct itself. To get driver from original manufacturer website you need get device ID from system settings of your OS, or remove WiFi card and read it from label. Best regards!

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