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Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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How to isolate source of charging problem in iPod Classic

I have and IPOD Classic that will not charge. When measuring the charging amps to the device, I notice erratic readings. For a while it would show 0.08 A, then for a little while it would jump to 0.44 A then reduce to 0.32 A for a while. Then drop off to 0.08 A. Charging volts is steady between 5.15 and 5.17 V. The IPOD will continue to show the "low battery" screen continuously. I have tried multiple batteries with no change in outcome. I have switched cables as well. My conclusion thus far is that the problem is internal to the IPOD - the charge port, the power chip, the battery connector or something else.

I was hoping someone might have a step-by-step on how to isolate the issue.

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It's probably going to be a case of trial and error. Swap out one part at a time until it starts working again.

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:) Thank you. Unfortunately, all the parts in question are integrated on the logic board! Besides I have done all the swaps of the the other components including the hard drive and battery.


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Hello, looks like you almost answered your own question.

But if you need to hear it from someone else, no problem.

Step by step -

Check -

charger OK

cable OK

battery OK

internal(inside iPod) battery cable OK

on board battery cable connector OK

charging port on iPod(clean it with alcohol!) OK

last one is main board, power controller on it may fail to

Also, here is a iPod Classic repaid guide with pictures -

iPod Classic Repair

Обновить (17.02.2018)

Cant add a picture to comments, so I'll add it here...

Looks like it is a replacement battery for your iPod -

Block Image

iPod Classic (Thick) Battery

Li-Po 3.7v 850mah

To start charging using iMax B6 it need to have 3.5-3.7volts minimum.

If it has lower voltage then you need try to charge it directly using 5V PSU until it get 3.7-3.8V then use iPod to charge it or, better, charge it with any li-po(li-ion) charger to 30% minimum(or about 3.9V)

Then try if it start charging in your iPod.

If iPod powers up when you connect charger, better turnt it off and live it for charging battery.

Also check temp of it, if battery is destroyed it may overheat, then disconnect charger from device and disconnect battery from PCB!

iPod Classic (Thick) Battery Изображение


iPod Classic (Thick) Battery


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Thank you for the list. It is helpful ... to confirm that I have not missed any of the steps. My question is specifically on the last two items on your list.

1. What are the specific signs of a bad charge port? Is it just a visual check to make sure the pins on the inside (where it connects to the logic board) are not broken, bent or touching?

2. How do I confirm if the power controller is faulty? What symptoms should I look for? Are there any meter readings that could be taken to confirm condition?

I appreciate your time. Thank you.


1 - just be sure it looks good and clean, also check soldering to mainboard

2 - you need to identify power controller IC of your iPod and find datasheet

BUT(!) - first of all be sure you use 100% tested and working original iPod cable and charger! There is many DIY charging cable schemes for Apple 30 pin connector, but they works different on different devices, the best way is use original Apple iPod cable! Try to do all this steps to be sure all this is OK for 100%

I think you do not have any problem with power controller, due to your details about Amps&Volts measured. Did you try to left it on charger for a while? Connect it to charger and left for 24h first. Which cable and charger do you use for charging? Provide all detailed information... Also you can remove battery from device and charge it separately using some smart charger like iMax B6.


Dennis - Thank you for the great suggestions.

1. I have checked with a variety of charging cables, but will try with an authentic apple cord as well.

2. I did leave it on charge overnight. Will try it again. However I will need to get a battery that is partially charged to start with!

3. Does the iMax B6 have an adapter for the type of connector these batteries have? I was looking at the images online but could not tell for sure. Vendors have not replied to my question.

4. Where would I look for datasheets relating to the power controller chip in ipods?

I will try these over the weekend and post my updates.

I appreciate your taking the time to post these suggestions. Thank you again.


Hi there!

1. original cable needed to be sure it will not start chaging in 24h

2. if it not start charging in 24h on cable then battery in deep discharge or it dead at all, or maybe some other issue, I think

3. No, there is no any special adapter for this battery, just use "+&-" to connect it

4. to get datasheet you need to identify it on PCB first and read label, upload hi resolution picture of your iPod PCB and give me a link, I'll try to help you.

And, yes, you are right - replace your battery with other(in any condition but alive) will help you understand situation and find the issue of this iPod. If it start charging and will works, then there is only battery problem. By the way, try to measure voltage of battery with any multimeter, if there is any voltage than you can charge it.


But smart chargers may not accept battery with lowerlow voltage cell, so you need to "start" it with any PSU - just put on the battery 12-18V for a few seconds, then measure voltage, if it get minimum voltage for start charing with Smart Chargers or inside device(iPod) then wait until it charge fully. Feel free to ask you questions! Best regards!


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