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A 10.1-Inch Tablet, Android OS, v4.2 (Jelly Bean) manufactured by ASUS in 2013.

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Ghost touches under pressure after replacing digitizer

Hello. Thank you for looking at my question. I replaced the glass/digitizer and LCD on my ASUS MEMOpad FHD 10 and now it is detecting false touches in somewhat specific areas of the screen if I press too hard. I should have just purchased the glass/LCD assembly together, but my original plan was to carefully separate the bad cracked glass/digitizer from the good LCD, but I accidentally cracked the LCD because I performed the process incorrectly in some areas. So I already had the glass/digitizer I purchased from eBay and now I had to buy a used OEM LCD from eBay. So I received the LCD and installed it into the tablet, cleaned it off carefully with distilled water, and for the digitizer (I am not so sure if this was that good of an idea in retrospect) I also cleaned the underside of the digitzer glass with distilled water and as clean of a microfiber cloth as I could get. Then I used this doubled sided digitizer tape to stick the digitizer to the tablet and secure the LCD and digitzer. The final result looked alright, although the LCD was slightly misaligned, but it has a problem where there are ghost touches if you press too hard on the screen. It may also ghost touch without any interaction with the tablet if the tablet is tilted a specific way, and before doing something to the tablet it would ghost touch if you held it from the back (that is fixed somehow now). I have tried the reseating the ribbon cable connector trick and taping the ribbon cable to the metal frame in case it's a grounding issue with electrical tape (the original was a silver reflective tape that held the cable to the metal frame, not sure there is a difference). Have not tried the knife blade around the glass trick. I don't think it is a bad connection because it happens under pressure, although I don't know much so I shouldn't even be saying anything. I am pretty sure the LCD is OEM but not sure about the digitizer. It has the ASUS logo and looks like it's OEM but has a strange dot pattern visible under bright light that I'm pretty sure the old one didn't have. Can somebody help me? I would really appreciate it. :)

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Try to disconnect the connector of the screen, if it does not help the screen is not working ... very simple!

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