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Released by Nikon in January 2014, the Coolpix L830 is a compact digital camera designed to provide powerful zoom with simple operation.

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Icons & Playback OK but no image when trying to shoot

L830 viewfinder has full assortment of icons and can playback photos, but is just a black screen when I try to shoot. Help!

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Hi @valleyvu ,

By viewfinder I assume you mean the LCD monitor?

Try taking a photo, (I realize that you cannot 'see' what you are taking) and download it to a computer and check what the picture is like.

If you have a good picture then there is a problem with the motherboard passing on a new picture onto the LCD monitor.

If there is a black image for a picture then there is either a problem with the camera's CCD sensor or the motherboard or both.

Has the camera been dropped at all or gotten wet?

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No images on the LCD monitor or the memory card. The camera was not dropped as far as I know. Is this a readily fixable problem for a shop or myself: is there any point to opening it up and inspecting for loose connectors, etc?


Hi @valleyvu ,

It's always worth a try to see if it is a loose connection from the sensor board to the motherboard.

If it isn't a loose connection then the camera is already open for a replacement part to be put in (if you are doing it yourself. that is).

It might still be a motherboard problem but I guess you won't know that until a new sensor board has been installed and tested.

BTW the link I posted for the replacement sensor part was not a recommendation to use the supplier. It was shown to give a idea of the cost of the part. There may be other suppliers that suit you better.


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