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The tablet was released in August 2011 as a budget-friendly competitor to other tablets in the market in that year.

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Forgot password need help

Forgot my password, have tried everything and can't get in. Is there a reset button i'm not seeing?

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How do I make off the Lock


Where do I get the password from


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jdidesiderio you'll have to reset your tablet.

  • Make sure that the tablet is totally powered off. Press & hold both the UP and DOWN volume buttons at the same time.
  • Press and hold the power button until the tablet buttons light up. It will take a minute to happen, but when they do immediately let go of the power button ONLY. Keep holding down both the UP and DOWN volume buttons. You only have a second to do this before the tablet will continue boot up as normal. If that happens start with step 1 again.
  • After a few seconds of holding down both volume keys the screen will show the Vizio logo. Then the logo will change to a TRIANGLE with an exclamation mark.
  • Now let go of the volume buttons.
  • Tap the home button to pop up the boot recovery menu. Follow the instructions to reset your tablet. Pressing the up/down volume buttons allow you to scroll up and down the list. A quick press on the power button will accept your selection.
  • Wait for the tablet to come up.

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It did not work for me. After turning it off and holding the volume buttons, I pressed and held the power button. However nothing lit up. A buzzing/vibration did occur and I let go of the power button but nothing else happened and the thing became unresponsive. Holding the power button down for a long while would turn it back on but no solution. I tried holding the power button down longer but nothing happened except the unit became unresponsive...


I wish I had read your comment bc I did the same thing and now it’s unresponsive. Did you ever get yours back on?


Worked perfectly for me, but my husband had tried about 30 times and couldn’t get the triangle to pop up lol. I had it immediately the first time I tried- literally in seconds. Got it restored and is working just like new!!

Thank you!


Worked Thank you so much !!!


And now it’s locked up 🤦🏽


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