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A digital camera designed and manufactured by Sony in 2012. A 18.2 megapixel camera with Wi-Fi, GPS, and a memory card slot.

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Why is my camera making a strange noise?

Hi, when I power on my camera and the lens comes out it imediately starts to make a strange humming vibrating noise. The camera still works fine, but the noise is killing me.

Looks like the auto focus or the stabilizer is constantly adjusting. Is there a solution for this or should I start looking for a new one?


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Hello, My sony hanycam have the same problem, it keeps buzzing, please help me


Check out earlier answers.

Hans N.


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I had the same problem, this humming vibrating noise when powered on.

I took the camera apart and opened the lens system and saw that there was lots of dust particles where the autofocus is. The autofocus is no motor but a sliding head on a magnet carrying a focus lens.

I cleaned this place, the focus lens and the image sensor using a small painting brush and an air blower, put it all together and the noise was gone! What more, the pictures became a lot clearer and well focused.

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Hi, thanks for your answer. I have never taken a camera apart, let alone a camera lens. I know theres a guide for it here, hope its not to difficult and that no scrwes are left after assembly.


Here are some links for you:

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX20V Lens Assembly Replacement


The last one is for another camera but it shows how to do it.


For HX30V (and HX20V) be aware disassembling the optics requires to unsolder two plastic ribbon cable one from another. In fact they have soldered two plastic ribbons together during manufacturing, and it's hard to unsolder without melting the plastic of either ribbon, even with high soldering skill and quality solder iron. I can't imagine re-soldering those two plastic ribbon cables together.

Most likely you'll do like me and melt the two cables.

If you look at this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gK3BgqS-... at 5:15 he's skipping the part where he dealt with the soldered ribbon cables using a video transition. During the transition he has unsoldered those wires and at 8:45 there's another transition where he has supposedly re-soldered them. But maybe he couldn't handle them and damaged the optics but hide that from the video (at the end we don't see whether the camera works or not, smart chap)


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@aljo any chance to narrow the location of this noise down? I would think that the only thing that could make that noise is the motor on the lens assembly. If nothing else I'd try a new lens assembly. Check ebay etc. for replacements

Use these guides Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX20V Repair to work on your camera.

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I guess it is the lens motor, no other major moving parts... With the guide I can just put the camera apart, no fix for the motor.

Anyone had the same issue and found a solution?

Update (03/03/2018)

oh my oh my…

I accidentally found this thread again and would first like to apologize for the delaaaaaaayed response and express my gratitude for the help of course because the lens disasembly worked and the noise was gone.

I forgot about this because I did not start the repairs immediately :)

Camera still works.

So a big thanks for help because I still have a great secondary camera at hand ;)

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what did u do to stop the noise??


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Oh yes.... this problem is very common on the Sony HX20.

The most common cause is that the camera is letting dust into the optics so that the focus system gets disturbed causing vibrations and blurry focus.

The remedy is to open the camera and clean the lens system. It's quite tricky, I've done it several times but unfortunately it doesn't last very long.

If you dare to try it see the instruction Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX20V Lens Assembly Replacement

I'm very disappointed, it's a great camera when it works.

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