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My laptop doesn't connect to wifi

My laptop doesn't connect to wifi anymore. I don't know what specifically happened. It only shows me the possibility to connect by cable.

I would appreciate your help.

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what does you do to laptop

are you installing new windows

i mean whats happen before wifi stop


My laptop is the same I had to reboot n install windows now I can't connect please help


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Hi @apalaci5 ,

Have you tried pressing F7 to disable airplane mode and then checking that the WiFi connect symbol appears in the lower right corner of the task bar?

If it still doesn't appear go to Device Manager and check the status of the WLAN (WiFi) adapter.

From the desktop, type Control Panel in the search box. Click on the Control panel desktop app link that is in the options box that appears.

When Control Panel opens, find and click on the Device Manager icon.

When Device Manager opens, scroll down to Network Adapters and click on the + symbol to expand the list.

Find an entry that mentions one of the following brands of WLAN adapters: Intel, Cybertan or LiteON. That is your WiFi adapter.

Is there a red cross or a yellow exclamation mark next to the entry in the Device Manager list?

If there is a red cross then right click on the entry and select enable from the options box that appears.

Check if it works OK now.

If there is a yellow exclamation mark, right click on the entry and select Update Drivers from the options box that appears, and follow the prompts to update the drivers.

You need to be connected to the internet via the Ethernet cable to do this. If you have no Ethernet connection available where you are what is the make and model number of the WLAN adapter as found in the Device Manager listing?

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Block Image

This is what is shown

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I don't have the cord to connect internet so can't download drivers unless I can use phone

No I cannot see available networks it's like stuck on airplain mode



If you have a USB cable you can download the drivers to your phone and then transfer them to the laptop via USB. Remember where you have saved them to in the laptop so that you find them when needed.

If you don't have a USB cable to connect the phone tothe laptop with you may have to ask someone else to download the drivers to a USB stick for you (or go to your local library and do it yourself) and then install them from the USB stick


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Hi @ Samantha Williams,

Did you try the suggestions as outlined in the Most helpful Answer above?

Can you “see” the available WiFi networks from the laptop?

If everything appears to be OK with the WLAN adapter as shown in Device Manager and if you have Win 10 installed, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Network Troubleshooter to see if it can resolve the problem for you.


Your WLAN adapter is not being listed in Device Manager

Try installing the WLAN drivers from here

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