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Smaller version of the original iPad Pro. Released March 31, 2016. Features a 9.7" display, A9X processor, and 32/128/256 GB storage options. Available in Silver, Space Grey, Gold, and Rose Gold.

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iPad Pro makes charging sounds when not plugged in

Periodically my iPad Pro will start making sounds like it’s charging, not charging, charging. The charging indicator even stars showing that it is/isn’t, etc. Not plugged in at all

I’m thinking there is a short or loose cable inside?

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Ok so I blowed in the spot where it has the spot where you charge it and it stopped I hope this helps if not please go to the apple store to make sure it is ok and for it to be fixed


Nope I jinxed it ......


Mine is soo annoying when I watch YouTube videos it keeps on making noises like can it shut up sometimes I think someone is hacking my iPad and I get scared


This is an issue that needs to be fixed by apple. They replaced my iPad pro on the spot. I also had screen issues so my iPad was deemed defective. Unfortunately my new one is doing the same thing with the charging sound.

Guess I need to go back again!


Lol same@socelleangeliemicubo


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It appears that the iPad believes that a charger is being connected/disconnected. This could be caused by a damaged charging port or a logic board issue. I would start by inspecting the charge port on the bottom of you device. If you can, shine a light inside it and check to see if there is any debris or if the copper pins inside it are damaged or bent. Magnification will help!

If the charging port looks good, then the problem could be on the logic board.

Unfortunately, unless there is debris inside the charge port, the other options are not really DIY repairable. You will need to find a repair shop or deal directly with Apple.

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Before you go that route please check the Smart Keyboard port connector to make sure there is no moisture or debris on it...


I had this problem and took it back to Apple. They tried the cleaning of the port (which did not do anything but of course the problem wouldn't replicate. They did set up for me to be able to screen record, and when I had it recorded I brought it back. Along with the screen issues I also had, they simply replaced my iPad on the spot. It was just under a year old. However, my new one is doing the same thing..... so I guess I need to go back to Apple again.


Thanks, I had the same problem in your solution worked perfectly! Thanks again


I think I know what causes it, it’s the three dots on the side. They were meant to be used for another kind of charger and as you hold the iPad your hand sweat shorts them and makes it think it’s charging


My daughter has this rapid chime often and she holds it in her left hand on those dots and she has drippy wet kid hands so I think mud4wheels is on to something. Thanks!


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Problem solved here! The ipad was in a protective case, and moist was accumulated in the bottom of the case. It shorted the keyboard connector. Cleaned it, dried the case and after applying some isopropyl to the said connector covered it with quality transparent tape ( I don't use an external keyboard). Problem solved. Thanks!

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Same here. Slimy case shorting out the accessory port contacts. Thank you for this resource. I had cleaned the lightning connector so many times to no avail.


This worked for our iPad Pro too! Thank you so much! As soon as I took the case off, it stopped making that noise.


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It seems to me that these older 9.7 inch models (2016) are pieces of crap.

I’ve never had one, but i can only assume a logic board or charging port issue.

Since i have done various Android, iPhone, and iPad repairs, i would buy a iCloud locked variant that is otherwise IDENTICAL to the broken iPad. At this point i would start swapping parts and testing it out.

Overall, i would just turn silent on and hope and pray it doesn’t vibrate.

Best of luck, Austin

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I used this answer on my old 9.7 IPad Pro, and it worked! I’m not worried about missing alerts, as I have an Apple IPhone and Watch, and the 3 alerts drive me crazy, lol.

I noticed that after I did it that the battery light at the top kept blinking for awhile after I silenced it, but that was temporary. It also said you can set it up by using the sound buttons, which I clicked on, since I occasionally use it for music.

I knew it was dying, and got an MacBook Air. But the operating system is soooo different I haven’t really used it much. I guess it’s time to learn!

Thank you all for answering, I’ll be back.

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