iPad 3G Not Connecting to iTunes, Not Charging

Is stuck in Recovery Mode, Don't want to open it up, does anybody know anything software related i should try? Already tried it in DFU mode, could very possibly be hardware related but im not trying to open it up if possible. Thanks.

other stuff i have done.

-tried different cable, computer.

-tried it in dfu mode

-restarted ipad

-tried different usb port

-disktools says nothing is attached

-diskutility says nothing is attached

-dosn't install device driver when attached to windows

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Does console say anything?


is there a command to check usb connections? i know disktool -l will show a hdd over usb but not sure if it will show an ipad. ill look around on google for something like that.


oh i see what your saying, i was confusing terminal and console. ill check tommorow, thanks for the tip.


nothing in console, and used system_profiler SPUSBDataType in terminal and nothing, guess it's a hardware issue


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