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The third generation of the Toyota Camry in all markets outside Japan. 1991-1996 was also called the XV10 series of Camry vehicles.

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Why dose my car crank normal but no start

I have a 94 toyota camry le it was driving just fine and it just died on me when i was driving thought i ran out of gas but now it has gas and still no start. I was told there was no spark at the sparkplugs. After new sparkplugs, sparkplug wires, distributor and cap, and a few other things it still wont start. I dont have the money to take to a shop and no one to help at least no one that know what they are doing.

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Sadly this is a harsh lesson, not to be mean. When someone says no spark at the plugs, unless you actually can't see one. Don't believe them.

First things first, check all your fuses to make sure they are in good condition. It could be as simple as a blown main fuse.

Check your battery connections to make sure they are tight, and not loose or corroded. (Green or white stuff on terminals is bad.)

Document: This is the ignition part of the repair manual for your vehicle, tells you how to go through the check list to determine what is good and what isn't. Ignore what you've already fixed. It also gives all the values and what tools are required and how to go about doing the checks, on the ignition systems. I hope it helps you.

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Would this repair manual work for my 91 Camry also?


As long as the engines in both cars are the same, yes it will work. aka 3SE or 5FE for example.


How about the relay fuse


@danfine818 Your main fuse is either at your battery or in your main fuse box. It will either say Main or Engine. Could be your EFI fuse if it has EFI. Take a relay of the same type usually the horn relay and switch it out with the one you suspect. If it works there is your problem, if it doesn't then it isn't the fuse.

It could also be your igniter if you haven't changed that. Bad fuel pump will cause a no start issue, but you'll still have spark.


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