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2014 Civic LX Why is my ABS SRS VSA Powersteering lights on

2014 Civic LX CVT: ABS SRS VSA Powersteering lights on. $@$*!& ebay OBDII no errors or logged errors.

Car is in New England (cold winters snow and salt on the roads) but super warm days 40+ lights go off some times.

1/09/18: installed Philips 9006 CrystalVision Ultra bulbs (no error lights)

1/12/18: installed factory skid-plate not sold with car (no error lights)

1/24/18-2/1/18 (Error lights On)

2/2-2/4 Car not driven

2/5 40 degrees out sunny (lights off all day)

2/6 (lights back on)

What I've tried: 2/12/18: Battery tester said 70 charge after driving 45 mins on highway: Bought New Diehard battery 51R

2/20/18: Unplugged battery terminals and touched the wires together to reset ECU (lights off for 1 min then when I started driving all came back on)

2/21/18:Lights on in morning drive to work. Left work 5PM (not using headlights, radio, bluetooth) 70 degress out lights off!

2/22/18: morning 40 degrees lights came back on

2/22/18-3/26/18 stock lights back in (no success) lights on

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Have you checked power steering fluid levels? Have you checked brake fluid levels? Have you checked your tire pressure?


Yes. From what I have read about gen 9 and 10 civics it is a voltage issue. When the voltage dips to low all the lights come on like a Christmas tree. Not sure where to start with this. Ive heard about issues with the ABS wiring. I'm even having trouble finding the wiring part online that hooks up to the ABS if that even is the problem.


From your post of times and when the lights are on, sounds like temperature issues. You are sure your anti-freeze is topped off?


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You most likely have a problem with corrosion on your battery cables (especially on your replacement cable ends, if you have any). Check for voltage between both battery posts and their respective cables, just past the cable ends. If that's all good, start looking for corroded connectors underneath/ inside your underhood fuse block. God speed .

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Dash Alarms: VSA followed in 2 minutes by Power Steering. Civic 2013 LX (Canada). I have a right front 195/65R15 which leaks about 5-8 PSI per week. Had not checked it in 3weeks/900Km. Discovered that the extra Camber {and Caster} angles for deflation (only 19PSI!) from normal 32 PSI creates enough drag to trigger that VSA, _despite_ the Service Bulletin Software release https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2014/S...

(which I have confirmed *is* installed as an update on my Civic Sedan).

I inflated both right passenger tires and took a short drive. Both alarms *dismissed* dash indications in a couple of turns over the first Kilometer.

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