I can't find the music that I have add on my Idol 5S.

Phone infoI add music from the computer to my phone.

I only can find one of the one song out of the 3 on my phone.

I look everywhere that I can think of.

I just wanted to listen to the CDs that I put on my phone.

I used windows computer.

And used windows media player.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hi @hath ,

If you know the music file type, connect the phone to the PC as either a USB storage device or a media device and then use Windows Explorer to search for the file type e.g. *.mp3 or *.wav etc, on the removable drives letters that are allocated to your phone when it is connected, to hopefully find where they are stored.


I finally found them. Sadly I can't think why only one song are playable. Other than that song is in two places. And same type of file.in sd card in other, in music. Is where I found the music.


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Hi @hath ,

What is the file type of the music that you can play and also of the music that you can't?

Here are the audio file types supported by your phone (taken from this link)


If the music files types that won't play aren't in the list then perhaps you need to install another media player that hopefully supports it.

Here is one that may

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I have tried drop box and and made sure it's all MP3 file. it's sorta worked.

A not satisfied at the result.

Any recommendations?


Hi @hath ,

How are you listening to the audio from your phone, BT speaker, wired headphones etc. ?

Do the audio files sound OK in your PC?


I listen to my music through blue tooth, headphone and earbuds sounds good to me and I do wired too.

The audio file sound great and I have it whare it will take up more space.

I don't know why I just can't upload or just download all of the files from the cd.


Hi @hath ,

I misunderstood your comment "....it's all MP3 file. it's sorta worked. A not satisfied at the result."

I thought you meant that the quality of the audio was not good, not that you had to convert the cd files to a different file type. Is this what you meant?

Most CD files are .cda format and Android OS doesn't recognize them. You need to convert them to another format e.g. .mp3. This can be done by "ripping" the CD in Windows Media Player

There is no way around this.


Thay are MP3 format and now I can play them but there not in the apps that will play other music. I like Google play Amazon music or pre installed music app.


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