Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это маленькая версия iPhone 6 Plus с 4.7-дюймовым экраном.

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problem is it is bootlooping

@refectio have a liquid damaged 6 here atm, the guy that dropped it off does some repairs, when i got it the shields were removed and he said he went over it with ipa. the problem is it is bootlooping l1604 coil was damage so i removed it and still bootloops. on dc power its not going over 0.42 amps i have tried to measure voltage around pmic but power drops out and i cant get a good reading. cant seem to find anything shorted to ground. vcc_main seems fine and so does pp5v0_usb and pp_vbat

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The L1604 coil is for the speaker amp so it shouldn't have anything to do with any boot looping. If the phone is going to .42A, then it's getting into a more serious part of the boot cycle. Have you checked the main PMIC outputs for shorts/diode mode? Focus on the main lines such as PP1V2*, PP1V8*, PP3V0, CPU & GPU.

Also check the RESET_1V8_L line. Make sure it is properly pulled up to PP1V8.

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is pp_gpu supposed to be ground at both side as i have checked it and caps on that line are beeping on both sided but it does that on a working board i have so guessing it should. i took some caps and coils off that line and the phone just stayed on apple logo with no bootloop. then put 4 caps and 2 coils back and its back to bootloop and hits a max of 0.52 amps. nothing else apart from that line seems short, im going to replace tristar to see if it makes a difference


PP_GPU is a low resistance line, typically in the 20-60 Ohm range so it will beep in continuity mode. You should check the meter to see what the actual measurement is.


dc power now hangs around 0.11 with no image or back light. only reading i get from around pmic is 1.7v on the pp_gpu cap cant seem to get many other voltages around other areas


PP_GPU shouldn't give you 1.7V. You may want to remove the PMIC, probe the pads while it's off to see if anything is weird and try a new one if there are no shorts on the outputs. Check all the main outputs.


sorry it was PP1V8_SDRAM that was 1.7v. pp_cpu i get 0.755v


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