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MacBook Air models with 13" displays

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How can I check damage by feedback loop on MBA (released 2017 Dec)?

I recently bought MacBook Air 13 inch (Model of December 2017). A friend called me to test the Handoff feature for calls, without muting the call. The stupid guy created an obvious feedback loop. Now at full volume, I hear a ringing sound. Have my speakers been damaged?

I learned online that swipe-sine wave test can be helpful

I'm on MacOS 10.13.4 Public Beta 7 (17E197a)

So I installed AudioTest, ToneGenerator, SiGen

I'm overwhelmed by the number of options I need to configure before playing any test sound

Am I in the right direction?

I just want to test the speakers for feedback loop damage

Update (03/29/2018)

At full volume, they don't sound OK. Shouldn't there be a standard way of finding out the health of the stereo?

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I think you're going to far here. If you damaged your speakers you would know when playing some music as well as vocal (talking & singing). Do these sound OK If they do then your OK.

Feedback while hard on our ears in it self unless you let it run for a long, long time the risk is very little.

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Thanks for the prompt response, Dan. I played the following video at full volume and maybe it's just the bass but it sounds like the laptop is suffering: Saint Saviour - Some Things Change


Your music file sounds fine for me.


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