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Repair information on hard drives or hard disks. Hard drives are magnetic data storage devices. They are used in most desktop, laptop, and server due to their low cost and high data density.

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Can I recover data from this faulty HDD?


This 2.5HDD was in a laptop and it stopped working, even if I plug it in those HDD external adapters it wont appear on Disk Mngmt.

I opened it and the "needle" is working (at least is moving), but does this repeating noise and movement (check video bellow).


Anything I can do to recover my data?

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You do understand you can't open a HDD outside of a clean room as the dust and other stuff in the air will kill your drive! Don't do anything more as every action can make recovery of your data harder!

At this point you're only hope is to carefully replace the lid and send the drive to a recovery service which has the needed clean room and parts to fix your drive enough to get the data off to a new drive. This will be expensive! Here's a great vid on what happens within a good recovery service: $2 Million Clean Room! - DriveSavers Data Recovery Tour & here's their web site: DriveSavers

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Yes, I do know that but if you search on youtube you will see countless videos of users fixing HDDs at home and recovering their data by themselves, and they dont have a cleaner room than I do. Besides, eventually if some dust got stuck inside the HDD it will automatically clean it off through centrifugal force as you may know.

Basically my question here, despite the clean room and all of that, is to know if anybody knows what seems to be the problem with this HDD specifically. You may call it "research and learning" if you want. :)


The drive can't index which is why it's sweeping across the drive.One of the heads may have crashed or the head amp died. There is nothing you can do to fix this your self.

As to what people try at home many of these actions don't fix your drive!

I've seen all of the stories and vids people post most of it is just junk! It's a kind of SWATing Someone gets a kick out of people following their bad advice. Stick to web sites that don't give you off the wall solutions.

Yes, there are some things you can do, like a drive motor thats ceased by giving it a bang on its axis (not taking it apart).

As for your idea of the dust pushing away because of the centrifugal effect. Thats not quite true! The particle will only tumble as it slowly finds its way to the outer edge (4 or 5 revolutions later) as it skates across it has a good chance it will hit the head and could also damage the drive patter as well. Lastly, when you seal the drive you've trapped the dust inside so it has a chance to damage the drive later.


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You’ve ruined your HDD. Any data recovery from now on is going to cost thousands of dollars to begin with.

If you watch those YouTube videos carefully, they actually have laminar flow bench for makeshift clean room, and they never run the drive with the lid open. The R/W head of the HDD flies only nanometers above the platter surface and any kind of dust no matter how small or soft is going to damage it in no time. You will need a set of new heads and try to clean the platter surface, and there could be bad blocks of data already.

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