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iPhone 6s plus screen intermittently going dark in top right

HI All,

I'm having an issue with the scren on an iphone 6s plus where the screen goes dark intermittently in the top right where the clock is located.

This appears to occur when pressure is applied (pressing screen in normal use) in the top right close to where the speaker is located.

A reboot resolves the issue until pressure is applied near that location again after reboot.

I was wondering if someone could confirm if this would be a screen fault, or if it could be caused by a faulty connection as i'm aware that the connections for the screen are in that approximate location.

I dont believe that this would be related to the known backlight issues. As the issue only occurs intermittently and appears to be dependant on pressure being applied to the screen rather than some kind of electrical issue.

Just to confirm, changing the brightness doesn't have any affect on the issue. The brightness on the affected part of the screen is equivelant to approximately 10% brightness. Night shift also doesn't affect the issue.

Any advice that could be provided would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately, they only way to fully troubleshoot an iPhone is to try known-good parts. Because this problem reacts to pressure, I think it's most likely a screen issue. However, having an upper portion screen go dark, even intermittently, is also a classic symptom of a failed backlight cathode and that is typically repaired via a micro-soldering repair.

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