New battery health (beta) is confusing me!

Hey guys,

I have an iPhone 7 with the new iOS 11.3 The new battery health (beta) indicate my battery health is 99%.

On the other hand battery life with a third party app in the App store indicates it 100%.

What should I trust? My mobile was bought 29th January 2018. Is that possible after 2 months using this mobile's battery decreases by 1% ? I'm freaking out!!

Help me because this is my 1st iPhone.

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I wouldn't worry about a 1% discrepancy between apps. They are both getting the info directly from the battery but it could simply be a rounding difference.

As for the battery decrease, that is totally normal. Batteries have finite lifespans and they will degrade differently from one device to another, from one user to another. When the battery gets below a certain threshold (I don't know what the exact threshold is for Apple), IMO below 70-75%, you will start seeing a notable difference in longevity and in performance

So relax, enjoy your phone and when the battery is done, have it replaced so you can continue enjoying your phone.

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Thank you dear


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