Connect logic board directly to monitor?

Is it possible to plug in a mini DVI adapter on a A1342 logic board and directly plug it into a HDMI monitor or TV and get it to work? I tried doing that, and my monitor recognizes that there's something plugged in, but the screen is black. Am I missing anything?

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It should be working once the board boots correctly, but why the board isn't in the case ? Is it a known good working board with a known good working minidisplay port ?


The board was taken from a working A1342, and the minidisplay port is made by AmazonBasics. I have a blank hard drive connected too


Does working mean perfectly working or just booting ? I meant the logic board minidisplay port, not the external adapter. To make it short, it sounds like a faulty logic board or normal circumstances is should work.


It should show at least a white screen, so I'd say booting...maybe it is a faulty.


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