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The HP Envy M6-1125dx is a 15.6-inch laptop computer manufactured by Hewlett-Packard as part of the Envy family of devices.

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Can't continue working with correspondence

There is a problem on my machine. I have many messages in MS Outlook 2013. And it stopped correctly opening. I don't know how to solve it. I can't find many of my messages in Inbox. Moreover cause of it I can't continue working.

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Hi @vanessagilmore ,

Try this to see if a corrupted .pst file is the cause of your problem.


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You may use search engine on phrase like ms outlook pst repair tool download or something, I found some helpful articles, guides, resources on this query and MS Outlook Software from Microsoft

If such an error takes place while opening PST files, this might be a corruption case. I'm little sure about the corruption here as the user followed the things asked in the error with no luck. SCANPST.EXE, the Inbox Repair tool for MS Outlook, can play an important role in this situation. It can fix the PST files if they are corrupted. Sometimes it may fail if the files are severely corrupted. In such situation, some third-party PST repair tools can be useful.

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