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Guides for coffee maker from the manufacturer Jura.

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Jura Z5 Gen II brew group motor keeps running

The engine that drives the large white gear on the brew group up and down keeps running when the gear is all the way down (obviously accompanied by loud rattling noise).

I disassembled and cleaned the brew group, but it makes no difference. What is used to detect when to stop the motor? I don't see any obvious sensor. Is it simply timed.

Any suggestions how to troubleshoot and hopefully repair?

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I have a problem with BREW GROUP THAT HAS NOT BEEN INITIALIZED, before it was very dirty and gripped, I cleaned it and now it goes very smooth, the engine took it up or down but it would not stop and it would hold, I thought that the encoder series but change it and it's the same, i prove it a lot of things but it same


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In the description of the ENA Encoder (see reference link above) it says, "The encoder counts the number of revolutions required by the gear motor to compact the coffee. If the correct amount of revolutions is not met, then a "Fill Beans" message may appear. If you are experiencing a problem during this process, then inspect the teeth on the Gear of the Gear motor first. Encoders do fail, but not often."

If there is a problem with the teeth on the gear motor, you can can buy a new gear here: If however, the teeth are fine, then look to replace the ENA Encoder since it counts the revolutions to stop the compact process.

Here is a parts diagram:

Here is a circuit diagram:

Here is a brew group refurbishing video:

Additionally, I found this company that also sells parts and repair guides:

At the very least give Jura-Parts or Partsguru a call, and they might help you over the phone.

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Thanks for the info. Is there a more readable circuit diagram? Most of the text is not readable a.t.m.


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