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Black and Decker 6-Volt rechargeable drill and screwdriver that can be locked into three different positions and has an LED light.

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Forward but not reverse?

Worked fine last night, but today it runs fine screwing in - but in reverse, it does not work at all. Has this happened to anyone else? If so what did you do? Is it just broken and I need to send it in for warranty work? Or is there something I need to do that I am overlooking?

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Are you sure ? Switch to UN-screw. Pull trigger all-the-way. Did it make any sounds at all ?

Switch to IN-screw. Pull trigger all-the-way. Did it make any ODD sounds at all ?

Switch to UN-screw. Carefully, rotate the chuck as you slowly pull the trigger. Any sounds at all ?

Try switching it while its running. Any clicking sounds ?

We presume you have tried slam / bang / and other 4-letter words.

No sounds? OK, you're right. Its dead.

First try the hair-blow-dryer trick, where you blow-dry hot, hot. Repeat the above steps when its hot, hot.

( The trigger-switches are VERY sensitive to water and dirt).

Still nothing ? I'm afraid it must be dis-assembled. Web search for the replacement-parts diagram.

(One picture = 1000 words). You'll need a multi-meter to test the battery-trigger-F+R-motor connections.

If the motor/gear mechanism is bad, bury it. Its value is 0.

Electrical problems are simple to fix. Trigger switches can be cleaned. Follow the diagram to re-assemble.

Hope this helps.

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I Fixed it!!!

Ok… I’ve had my B&D Pivot PD600 for a couple of years and used it several times with no issues. Suddenly it stoped doing the reverse; it will drive forward but won’t go in reverse. I did a google search and found this forum… so I posted my issue… and decided to open it up to see if I could spit something so I took it a part by removing screws from top side where the bits go in and loosened the tensing screws while keeping them in their holes so they don’t get lost… after I opened the unit I checked the switch and sure enough I saw some discoloration on one side of the solder line on the PCB under the reverse switch button the solder line was broken and open (checked via ohmmeter). I tested it by touching the broken gap with a small flathead screwdriver and the reverse worked! Do this was the cause of the issue. So I used a bare wire and soldered it on both sides as a bridge connecting the line back together. Tested the switch and both forward and reverse are working as they should. Reassembled the Pivot and it is working fine. Knowing others have this same issue tells me there must be a design issue with the PCB where there is a weak spot that caused an open in the circuit when used in reverse mode. For me this was an easy fix… I am an ex-technician do very familiar with what I was doing and more importantly I do have the tools needed to fix this issue. My advise is when disassembling the unit just remove the few smaller screws out while loosing the rest of the screws in the handle without taking them all the way out…. Makes it little easier to reassemble the unit back. You will need a soldering iron to fix this issue. Be patient and you can do this!!!!

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