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Black and Decker 6-Volt rechargeable drill and screwdriver that can be locked into three different positions and has an LED light.

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Forward but not reverse?

Worked fine last night, but today it runs fine screwing in - but in reverse, it does not work at all. Has this happened to anyone else? If so what did you do? Is it just broken and I need to send it in for warranty work? Or is there something I need to do that I am overlooking?

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Are you sure ? Switch to UN-screw. Pull trigger all-the-way. Did it make any sounds at all ?

Switch to IN-screw. Pull trigger all-the-way. Did it make any ODD sounds at all ?

Switch to UN-screw. Carefully, rotate the chuck as you slowly pull the trigger. Any sounds at all ?

Try switching it while its running. Any clicking sounds ?

We presume you have tried slam / bang / and other 4-letter words.

No sounds? OK, you're right. Its dead.

First try the hair-blow-dryer trick, where you blow-dry hot, hot. Repeat the above steps when its hot, hot.

( The trigger-switches are VERY sensitive to water and dirt).

Still nothing ? I'm afraid it must be dis-assembled. Web search for the replacement-parts diagram.

(One picture = 1000 words). You'll need a multi-meter to test the battery-trigger-F+R-motor connections.

If the motor/gear mechanism is bad, bury it. Its value is 0.

Electrical problems are simple to fix. Trigger switches can be cleaned. Follow the diagram to re-assemble.

Hope this helps.

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