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Выпущенный 16 сентября 2016 года смартфон нарекли iPhone 7 Plus. Вышло несколько моделей нового устройства: A1661, A1784, и A1785, а также можно было выбрать между версиями на 32, 128 и 256 Гб встроенного накопителя. На выбор можно было приобрести золотой, розовое золото, серебристый, Jet Black и (PRODUCT) Red оттенки корпусов.

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Untouched iPhone 7 Plus Microphone Not Working.

My girlfriends iPhone 7 Plus has never been repaired or opened up yet there is an issue we originally noticed in snapchat where it wasn't recording anything.

She can't talk on speakerphone and that appears to be the only issue.

I work on phones myself and was wondering if I'd need to replace the entire charging port in order to fix this issue or if there's something else I can do that may be easier, thanks!


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There are 3 microphones in the iPhone.


  • The bottom microphone is for Voice Memo and phone calls. The other microphones serve as error cancellation
  • The (top) front microphone is used for FaceTime calls, Siri and selfie videos with the front camera (FCAM). The top back microphone serves as error cancellation
  • The (top) back microphone is used for videos with the rear camera (RCAM). The top front microphone serves as error cancellation

Make sure you update your device to the latest version of iOS and then try to isolate which microphone is not working properly by trying each individual microphone with the related apps above. Check the microphone port holes for dust and debris which could be attenuating the sound.

If the issue affects more than one microphone, then it could be the Audio Codec IC on the logic board. Anything at the logic board level will require micro-soldering so you would need to find a repair shop that offers those services.

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There is a known issue with iPhone 7 regarding audio ic chip ( google it)

However it may not be that, I would first try to diagnose which mic isn't working and try hanging in a replacement to see if this fixes the issue, either a charge port or a front camera flex.

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Okay. There are mics in both the charging port and camera flex correct?

I was thinking about just doing that and seeing which one needed to be replaced.


This is an issue brought about with recent iOS updates. Apple is at fault:



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