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Mid 2006 / model number A1181 / black or white case / 1.83 or 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo processor.

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grey screen at book (no mac logo)

I recently started a job repairing this particular macbook. It started with removing and replacing the logic board (death chimes and black screen). Upon replacing the logic board, everything seemed fine - EXCEPT - the computer will not continue booting past the gray screen. The start chime sounds healthy, the power seems to be working (minus through the battery). Before I do anything with the actual hard drive, am I missing something that I need to go further into the machine itself? HELP!! I would really like to return this machine back to it's owner.

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I take it you are a PC tech. I don't understand what "Death chimes" you are referring to. Can you describe them? What were the symptoms before you replaced the logic board? Remove the hard drive and try starting up from the system installation disk ( C key) and let us know the results please.

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i've removed the hard drive and inserted the install disk. Held down the "C" key and nothing is happening. It is still gray and I can hear the cd drive spinning.

The chimes I reported about earlier were the chimes normally associated with "dying" RAM, bad logic board, etc. It sounded more like 3 loud, deep beeps.


The three beeps indicate a RAM problem. First reseat the RAM. See if you get the tones on restart. If so, use only one stick at a time and use it in both slots. This will check both the RAM and the slot. After your machine is running please "accept" the answer that solved your problem so that it can be archived for others.


the 3 beeps occurred prior to the replacement of the RAM. RAM had been replaced - it was then stated it was a logic board issue. I have since replaced the logic board and I'm experiencing the current issue.


I'm getting confused. Who stated it was a logic board issue? One the first board you got three chimes and you replaced the RAM. What happened then? Why was the logic board replaced? How much of this work have you done and what was done by someone else? Is English your native language?


Well, after a few times playing with everything, I have solved the issue. It seems my superdrive is not communicating with the machine. Once I disconnected the superdrive from the logic board, everything booted just fine! Now I have to make the decision - 2 superdrive or not 2 superdrive.


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