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Temperature warning when charging, too low or too high?

Been given a 2017 Galaxy A5 to try & fix. Told it wouldn't charge, tried plugging it into a wall socket & just got a charging image but couldn't turn the device on.

Went to plug it into my laptop to see if it would recognise the phone; got the "USB device has malfunctioned" error as a WHITE triangle with a red thermometer pops up on the phone screen. Now, this is obviously a temp. warning, however, every other fault I've found online details an orange triangle indicating low battery temp. What I'm wondering is does this image I'm seeing mean the same thing or is it telling me the battery/phone is in fact overheating?

Many thanks!

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I had this same issue after replacing a charge port on the A5 A520

I finally found the Thermistor near the charge port. It is covered in a somewhat clear glue. Just heat up the glue with a heatgun and you can scrape off the glue. 200-230C should be plenty for this. In my case after scraping off the glue, I found that the Thermistor was not actually soldered to the board, but loosely just glued on to the board.

Simply re-solder that darn thing back on, and you should be good to go.

If you get an error, temp is too low, this is likely your issue. If you get an error, temp is too high, you will likely need to replace this, or there is a secondary issue.

Here is an image showing it’s location.

Block Image

Hope it helps

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I have same problem with galaxy S8+ and the solution be change the wireless charging coil.. its look like black plastic... you must put out back glass and directly is it...

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