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Repair guides, service information, and troubleshooting help for refrigerators manufactured by Dometic Group.

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Rv refrigerator does not get cold in gas mode

I have a Dometic rm8501 that gets cold on 120volt but does not get cold on gas. Pilot light is lit but does not seem to vary.

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Robert, did you find your problem. I am having the same exact issue


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REF: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/124196... 8501

The above link is the service manual for your fridge. Look at pages 14-15. Most likely your issues is in either the Burner Control Device P810 (Section 2.3 on page 14), Gas Valve (Section 2.4 on page 15), or the Gas Burner (Section 2.5 on page 15).

First I would start with cleaning the gas burner (Section 2.5.1). The burner is supposed to be cleaned once a year, so even if this isn't the problem its best to get this routine maintenance out of the way. Here is a link with cleaning instructions: http://help.leisurevans.com/motorhome-ma.... Check to see if this solves the problem.

Second, with the fridge turned off, I would check for continuity in all the wires. Start with the gas burner since you are already there. Go from pin 3 (see Fig 23 on page 15) to pin 1 on the burner control device P810 (see Fig 21 on page 14). Also reference the wiring diagram on page 19. Next check for continuity pins 1 and 2 on the gas valve (see Fig 22 on page 15) with pins 2 and 3 on P810. While you have pins 1 and 2 on the gas valve unplugged, measure the resistance between pin 1 and ground and pin 2 and ground (see Fig 22) - each should measure around 48-50 Ohms. Also, check continuty of pins 6-8 on P810 with connector X110 on the Power module board (Section 2.1.1 on page 12).

Third, with the refrigerator running (WARNING: Live Voltage - be sure to know what you are doing) check for voltage at P810 pins 6 and 7. You should measure 1.5 VDC. If you are not getting voltage, you have a problem with your power module.

Fourth, if you have 1.5 VDC at P810, measure Pin 1 to Ground and Pin 2 to Ground on the Gas Valve (see Fig 22). You should measure 0.7VDC to 0.9VDC for each pin. If you are not getting this voltage, you have a problem with your burner control device P810.

Lastly, if everything above checks out, replace the gas burner.

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Mine didn’t work on ac , I put thermal paste on heating element and it works great now.

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