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2.2 GHz (Turbo Boost up to 3.4 GHz) or 2.5 GHz (Turbo Boost up to 3.7 GHz) quad-core Intel Core i7 processor with 6MB shared L3 cache.

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Fans on max after new display fitted by Apple. And other issues

Hello there,

I have a 2.8GHz / 16GB / 1TB / 2014, 15" MacBook Pro, it recently was diagnosed with the Anti-Glare lamination display issue, so Apple replaced the display free of charge with a new one.

However, now the MacBook has problems, the fans spin on MAX speed what ever your doing, also the Mac is incredibly slow.

I have run a Apple Diagnostic and it has the following issues:

- There may be an issue with the System Management Controller: PFM006

- There may be an issue with the camera: NDC001

- There may be an issue with the power management system: PPN001

I have tried to do a SMC reset as well as a PRAM reset, however neither worked.

I would really appreciate some tips of things I can try myself, I have experience working with Macs so could do diagnosis myself if I was pointed in the right direction, its a shame as its a lovely well cared for Mac and is a max-spec model which has just had a new display fitted by Apple so I would love to get this working again.

I really would appreciate any help.

If needed, I could send photos / etc if anyone was willing to take a look to see if there is anything corrected wrong etc...

Many thanks :)

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If the issue started rght after repairs done by apple, bring it back to the store where you had the repairs completed. They are responsible to fix any device that could have been damaged during their repair.

Hope this helps,


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Agreed! Don’t let them slide on this as the cost of the repairs out of pocket could be high.


Hi Charlie, Thanks for your reply, It has been a month since the authorised repair centre repaired it however I have only just had since to diagnose it myself so in the mean time have been using my other Mac. Am I correct all Apple repairs come with a 90 day warranty so I should be covered.


Yes, you have 90 days


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Most likely the camera is screwing up the SMBUS lines related to trackpad (Yes it sounds odd but the camera uses the same communication lines to the trackpad) The trackpad has a thermal sensor and if anything interferes with that sensor, it will report a value too low (Usually -244C or something like that) The SMC will see that and resort to a thermal failsafe mode where it will throttle the CPU (Hence the slowness) and set the fans to max.

You should bring it back to apple and have them swap the screen, But be prepared, they may give you the run around and say that it is a board issue as their diagnostics will always report a logic board fault for a sensor issue. If that's the case come back here and i'll walk you around some more advanced troubleshooting.

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Hi all, thanks for all taking the time to reply.

I have spent some time reading and diagnosing, and think I found the problem and it’s not good!

By the looks of it the iSight camera connector mounted to the logic board has been damaged, it has physically been lifted from the PCB and is not fixed, I presume taking the serfice mount contacts with it. I reckon the display replacement job was rushed and accedently damaged this connector.

Does it seem like a possibility and cause the errors I have listed ?


Yes that can absolutely do that. Hard part is getting Apple to admit to their fault. I would go back ASAP and see if they will replace the board, if not there are plenty of people including myself that can repair that for you.


Apple has probably been the only one to get into this machine.


More than likely @mayer and the tech probably noticed he broke it but didnt say anything


When they gave the Mac back, I was told it "may" have a problem with the graphics card, I thought this was strange as Apple would not have replaced the display If the Apple Diagnostic failed, and after spending time and diagnosing myself, I believe they told me this to get around the damage they caused, so I need to try and explain the situation and get this repaired


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