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Why will my roller not stay on?

The rug cleaner roller will come on but will not stay on for more than 30 seconds. The roller is clean, the belt is fine. The switch seems to be working. What could my problem be?

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Hi P. Taylor! The first thing that I would think to check would be the motor and if that is actually powering the belt. The next thing I would check would be to see if the belt is tight enough to consistently activate the roller as it may look good, but could be stretched.

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The motor to the roller actually shuts down but the vacuum motor stays strong. How would I differentiate between the vacuum motor and the motor running the roller, is there some trick?. It runs fine for 30 seconds then stops. The belt was changed so this is not the issue. Thank you for your answer.


I would watch this short video showing how to troubleshoot your specific vacuum if the roller isn't working. I hope this helps! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgJb6np-...


Thanks, that video is elementary not my problem. If I bypass the circuit board in the vacuum head it will run and maintain running. Other than activating the roller switch is there anything else I should know that this circuit board does?


Did you ever get it fixed? This is the exact same problem I’m having


I have the exact same problem as well. Roller comes in for. Few seconds and then stops.


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