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Also known as the GS70 Stealth, this 17" gaming laptop was released in summer 2013 by Micro-Star International. Identified by the model number MS-1772.

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Hackintosh installation as second OS

Hello all,

I want to install Hackintosh as second OS next to Windows 10.

Anyone have experience with this? I've looked at several guides but they don't work (for me)

I have acces to OSX in VirtualBox if that makes a diffrence.

Kind regards,


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Not that simple! Laptops are much harder to do as the hardware drivers needed are limited. Jump to tonymacx86 to get the nitty gritty details on how and what hardware is supported.

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Thanks for the tips dan! can you tell me where to download the apple OSX DMG file? i can't seem to get my hands on it.


From a Mac system ;-} Off of Apple's App Store. Don't forget you'll need to decide which version depending on the drivers you find.


I have tried that, but unibeast keeps saying that the sierra file is incomplete because it does not download the OS, it only downloads the installer. It says: The installer is incomplete


Ha! The chicken and egg problem! You need to boot up the system from a Mac OS boot drive to run the OS installer.

Go back to Tonys web site it has instructions on how to install the Mac OS on a bare drive there. If you are trying to use it within a VM then you'll need to review how the given VM app handles Mac OS each one does it a bit differently.


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