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Repair guides and support for the Leapster L-Max, a hand held learning game system for children ages 4+, developed and released in 2005 by LeapFrog.

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Game won't load won't move of a blinking question mark

We insert cartridge, turn on and we get a blinking question mark. How do we get past that to the actual game?

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You’ll get a screen with a blinking question mark if the cartridge inserted into the handheld cannot be read. This frequently happens with dirty cartridges; the terminals in the cart may need to be cleaned. Meanwhile, have you tried any other cartridges to see if the problem is specific to a particular one? If you can’t get past the error screen with any cartridges at all, it’s likely that the cart reader (the port in the Leapster handheld) is dirty or no longer functional.

It’s usually best to check the Leapster L-Max manual, which can be found online here:


However, there is no mention about the error screen in the FAQ section, which is strange.

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