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The Casio LK-170 can be identified by EAN code 4971850314554. 61 piano-style keys with Key Lighting System.

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Volume Control interfering with power button

I used my Casio LK-170 few days ago and ran perfectly fine. Just 2 days ago, it won't power on (with adaptor or batteries). During trouble shooting found out that the Volume Control need to be on high or the keyboard will not power on. Once powered on, and you lower the volume control, it creates buzzing noise from the speaker. Why would volume control have any affect on the unit turning on or off? and what is the remedy in this situation? Does the volume control needs to be replaced?

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Unlikely the volume control itself is at fault. If you can take it apart, look for bulging or leaking electrolyic capacitors (https://therestartproject.org/wiki/Basic...). These are a common source of trouble and a buzzing noise from the speaker is consistent with a failure.

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