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6th generation Android smartphone designed by Google and manufactured by Huawei. Released October 2015.

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Phone not turning on?

I did a battery replacement, and the phone powered up, but the display wouldn’t come on at all, and I saw the “leaked ink” behind the glass, so I got the digitizer/display assembly, replaced it, put everything back, and now there’s no power at all. Any suggestions on what I might have messed up?

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Did you disconnect the battery during the screen replacement process? Need to be careful of Static Discharge, which is something people forget. A small amount of discharge can easily damage the phone.

The other possibility is the LCD/Digitizer may be defective, unless you have another unit to test it on.

Last option is the board, whether there was a shortage or not, if the phone was dropped there is a chance that the boards power system may be at fault. So if you turn on your device and you can hear it, you know the screen works, 100% tested, then power may not be properly distributed.

Good luck, wish the best

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I get a flashing red light when I hook it up to the charger. I don’t think any static discharge occurred, and I did remove the battery. The phone will not turn on at all.


I'm going to try and replace the Daughterboard, maybe that's why it hasn't charged.


This is little late, but it was indeed the daughterboard! I took a better look at it, and there was obvious signs of water damage and corrosion.


Good Job finding the solution


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