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iPod Classic 6th Generation. Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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My iPod classic won't connect or charge?


I have a serious trouble with my iPod.

it doesn't connect when I plug it in my computer. What should I do?


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Eva, give a bit more info. Which ipod do you have? There are the classic and then there are the Classic series. What size Hdd? Did anything happen to the ipod? Did it get dropped etc., any water damage?



Do you tried the Hard Reset? (Menu button + center button during 6-7 seconds).

If no, try that but if your device still not work, tell me more about it (eg: what can you see in the screen)


Hello :)

Thanks for your answer.

Yes I Did, and I tried the Disk mode too, but nothing :(


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Eva, in the absence of more information, my first gut feeling is that you have a non-functional battery. I believe it is time to change the battery. Make sure that you have a good USB cable. Check the dock connector and make sure that it is clean of debris and /or corrosion. Try to charge the iPod on a wall charger until you get a new battery. When you replace the battery take a good look at the connector for the battery, I have had issues with the connector coming right off the logic board. Anyhow, right now it is all academics, until you get power back. So my first suggestion is to change the battery. Good Luck and let us know how it is going.

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it's the iPod classic with 80 G ( http://www.amazon.fr/Apple-iPod-Classic-...)

I changed my battery,and i have the same trouble, my iPod won't charge.


Eva, did you check the connector on the logic board? Make sure the cable is all the way in and that the little clip is down to lock the cable. Was it a new battery


"Check the connector on the logic board" ? How to do that ? I tried with 4 differents cable, and yes it is a new one


Sorry Eva, I meant the connector on the logic board where the battery cable plugs into. there is a clip that needs to be down to hold the cable in the connector. Step 18 on here iPod Classic Battery Replacement will show you which clip I am talking about.


Eva just one more clarification please. Does it come on at all. Do you see anything on your ipod?


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Will a bad battery somehow prevent it form connecting to the computer? cause mine wont do either one

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It should not prevent it from being detected, unless it is a shorted out battery. My suggestion would be to replace the battery and reevaluate.


mine was alright in good working condition. suddenly it has gone. when tried to charge it only blinking of apple sign appears when cable removed the screen just goes blank

does it need a new battery?


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