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Is there any way to remove scratches from the screen of a Moto Z2 For?

My Moto Z2 Force screen is made of plastic and therefore I was told that this phone would not be a to break but lately I have noticed these little scratches on my phone which is quite disturbing so if you could help some how I'd appreciate it. -Thank you.

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Unfortunately, the screens of the Moto Z2 Force does scratch easier than that of the original Z Force and you cannot get a free replacement from Motorola like you could for the Z. But you can buy a new upper layer from them and I believe they also install it for you. Have a look here: https://www.motorola.com/us/products/mot...

As for removing the scratces yourself... I do not think that is possible, all you can do is preventing any more scratces by applying a screen protector (cheap, plastic ones are just fine, you wouldn't need the fancy, thick glass ones since the screen is already shatterproof) like this one.

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